How Low Humidity Affects Your Health

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how low humidity affect your healthWhy most people rejoice with low humidity during the summer days where the place is hot but is something to be concern about during the winter months.  Humidity is the amount of moisture present in the air at a time and it’s very significant to healthy living. Many over look this important health variable but can easily be remedied by using a whole house humidifier. One can be frustrated living in a low humidity houses when you get static shock at random but we should be more concerned about its effects on our overall health. It has been stated by health expert the normal home humidity should be with the range of 35 to 60 percent. That is when relative humidity goes beyond 60% can cause bacteria and mold growths which can leads to health defects especially to people suffering from asthma and allergies. However, reduced humidity is also dangerous not only for people with existing health disorder but also for very healthy individual.

Prolong exposure to poor humidity can dry out your mucous and this leads to inflammation of the membrane of the respiratory tracts, thereby adding to your high risk of getting cold to a more severe influenza condition and other similar infectious. Additionally, low humidity indoor promotes longevity of virus in the air which cam make it somehow difficult to combat even the least minor ailment.

In low humidity, your skin and eyes will also suffer dryness. When humidity is low, the natural tears the eye produces dry out faster leaving the eyes dried up and painful. Reduce humidity also contributes to dry skin which can exacerbate eczema or psoriasis condition which can be discomforting and painful.

Installing a residential home humidifier is the best way to prevents problem caused by relatively low humidity in the months when the outdoor air is dry and cold. Apart from protecting your health, it will also prevent your home furnishing from losing moisture and splitting out. The benefits to derived from running the best humidifier  in your living room today is nothing to overemphasized because if you don’t  you may end up spending  lots of money on sickness and replacing  home equipment again. So consider having a humidifier in your house to keep dry air away.  What you should always know is that low humidity affects your health and vice versa.



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